Cleantech Showroom


Cleantech Showroom is a place where everyone is welcome. We work on Showroom exhibits, telling interesting and important matters about our environment and its sustainable use. 

The Finnish cleantech expertise is reflected in the operation of Allas, and the showroom presents these solutions to the visitors.

The showroom is also intended as a meeting place for professionals, a space in which to hold seminars and meetings, to learn and share knowledge.
The first theme-exhibition of Cleantech Showroom tells about water and the importance of clean water for all of us. The Story of Water -exhibition opens at the end of autumn 2016.



The Allas Sea Pool is built on a valuable location, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The sustainable use of the seaside is an important issue for us Finns. We wanted to conquer a valuable piece of the seaside, for all the residents and visitors of the city to use. At the same time we commit ourselves to maintaining seashores in good condition for the future generations.

From the beginning, the most competent companies and experts from Cleantech Finland and have been involved in the design of Allas Sea Pool. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy also enabled the establishment of Cleantech Showroom. The Ministry saw that one of the most visible landmarks and tourist destinations, Allas Sea Pool, would also be a good place to showcase the Finnish cleantech expertise.

Cleantech solutions appear in all parts of the Allas Sea Poo's operation, from the use of electricity to waste management.
Cleantech Showroom partners are Cleantech Finland, Helen, Marinetek, Oras, Solved and Clear Channel.