21.11.2016 | at 12:00

Lehto Group and Helsinki Allas Ltd have made a contract about building the main building of Allas Sea Pool in Katajanokka, Helsinki. The building totals about 900 square metres in area and will be built by Lehto. It will contain, among other things, rooftop terraces, an à la carte-restaurant, a café, a shop, and meeting rooms. A central part of the building is the Baltic sea center, which will present themes about the conservation of the Baltic sea, and give information on sea routes and islands.

In its entirety, the new main building will provide café and restaurant seats for 550 people altogether, and also terrace seats for roughly 1500 people. The construction will start in the beginning of December, when Allas Sea Pool closes on December 6th. The new main building will be completed in the spring of 2017.
“By choosing Lehto we could make sure that we would know the schedule and the costs of construction in advance. An innovative and solution-focused operations model was the factor that made Lehto stand out among the others”, says Timo Metsälä, the acting CEO of Helsinki Allas Ltd.
“It is a privilege to get to build such a unique building in one of the most central distinguished areas in Finland. Allas Sea Pool is a unique site that will provide its guests with authentic Finnish experiences. Lehto has the opportunity to build an architecturally magnificent entirety among Finnish design icons in Katajanokka”, stated Asko Myllymäki, the business director of Lehto Group.
Economically driven construction in the heart of Helsinki The sea spa and the main building of the wellness center will act as showcases for Finnish timber construction skills. Timo Metsälä says that a cozy recreational area will be built in the center of the city out of spruce.
The pool owners have found it especially important that energy efficiency and sustainability are taken into account in the construction. Lehto Group is known for its ideology of economically driven construction and its innovations. These themes will be put into use also in constructing the main building of Allas Sea Pool.

“At its best the model of economically driven construction enables splendid architecture, economy, and moving forward on a tight schedule. For example, to improve energy efficiency, Lehto will use the best technology available in the main building of Allas Sea Pool”, says Asko Myllymäki.
For additional information, please contact:
Asko Myllymäki, business director, Lehto Group, tel. 040 527 3294
Timo Metsälä, acting CEO, Helsinki Allas Oy, tel. 044 0512 867
Helsinki Allas Ltd. has issued its own statement about the new main building of Allas Sea Pool on Nov 21st. 
Press conference on Nov 28th. 
A press conference about the main building of Allas Sea Pool will be held for the media on Monday the 28th of November from 8 to 10 o’clock in the facilities of Allas Sea Pool. Sign-ups: jenna.ojala@korjaamo.fi

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