The world's best urban energy at Allas Sea Pool

Helen is one of the Finland's largest providers of electricity and new energy solutions. Currently we sell electricity to approximately 400 000 customers. In addition, we heat more than 90 % of Helsinki with district heating and expand the district cooling network according to demand.

Helen supports lively, positive and responsible urban culture, which Allas Sea Pool represents. At Allas, the world-class cleantech energy solutions meet the communal positive energy, for which Helsinki is known for. Allas Sea Pool provides excellent support to the vision of Helen; lively, urban city and world's best urban energy, which is generated by communal encounters.

Allas Sea Pool uses Helen's connected district heating and cooling solution, which has won the prestigious Global District Energy Climate Award. 

The integrated production of electricity, heat and cooling takes advantage of Helen energy sources such as the cold sea water, waste water and the excess heat generated from the sun, buildings, people and machines.