Enjoying water already for 180 years

Victor Hartwall established the first mineral water factory in Nordic Countries to Helsinki in February 1836, in which carbonated health water containing minerals was produced. In 180 years, Hartwall has grown into a trend setter of beverage industry, which manufactures loved drinks for everyday and special occasions.

Hartwall and Allas Sea Pool share a common vision for well-being, pleasure and rich urban culture. Allas Sea Pool makes the enjoyment of water more visible in Helsinki. It provides experiences to visitors, just like Hartwall, which story began from the water 180 years ago and which still produces  refreshment and joy to the Finns, Hartwall's Restaurant Channel Sales Director Seppo Salkoharju says.

The water is still at the heart of Hartwall's operations. Pleasure, well-being and thirst for life are summed up in the Finnish favorite, Hartwall Novelle. All Novelle water products are based on clean and fresh water, filtered by ancient gravel ridges of Salpausselkä.

Novelle Plus drinks are modern, beneficial health waters that bring enjoyment to life: real natural flavor, healthy minerals and vitamins.