Food & Drink

The Allas Sea Pool Cafe is open every day of the week, throughout the year. Stop by for breakfast after your morning swim, join a daytime stretching class and stay for lunch or enjoy a coffee and bun on your Sunday stroll. Our restaurant Allas Wine & Dine on the 2nd floor with its spectacular sea view is open on request during the fall and wintertime.

Allas Café

BREAKFAST 13€ Mon-Fri 9-11 and Sat-Sun 10-12. The breakfast is assembled from the cafés selection of products and includes: ecological oat porridge, boiled egg, smoothie, sandwich, juice and coffee or tea.

Available on Mon-Fri at 11-14:30 and Satu-Sun at 12-15:30:

Soup of the week with bread+spread 12,50€

Salads Crispy mix of lettuces and veggies, semi-dried tomatoes, roasted broccolini, pearl couscous, roasted seeds and passion-lemon vinaigrette with your filling of choice:

MUSHROOM QUICHE Mushroom-spinach pie 14€ CHICKEN Roasted chicken thigh filet 14€ TROUT Warm smoked Finnish rainbow trout (L) 15€

Oven baked potatoes

Oven baked potato, mix of green salads, crispy veggies, semi-dried tomatoes, passion-lemon vinaigrette with your filling of choice:

CELERIAC ovenbaked celeriac, nuts and goat's milk cheese (L,G) 14€ SKAGEN Hand peeled shrimp skagen and seaweed caviar (L,G) 15€ SMOKED REINDEER Smoked reindeer mousse, game pastrami and lingonberry (L,G) 15€

Allas flat breads 16,50€ VEGGIE Salsa picante, semi-dried tomato, artichoke paste, västerbotten cheese and arugula (L)

SALMON Coldsmoked Finnish rainbow trout, asparagus pyre, sour cream, hand peeled shrimps and salad (L)

REINDEER Smoked Finnish reindeer, game pastrami, marinated funnel chantarrelles, marinated red onion and smoked cheese (L)

Allas Burger 16,50€

Brioche, Finnish minced meat patty, cheddar cheese, crispy prosciutto, chili mayonnaise, rucola and pickled onion. Served with french fried and black pepper ketchup.

VE = vegan, LF = lactose-free, GL = gluten-free

Allas Wine & Dine

Allas Wine & Dine, on the second floor of Allas Sea Pool, offers stunning views over both the Baltic Sea and the historic center of Helsinki. During the summer season, the restaurant expands to Helsinki’s loveliest dining terrace. During winter the restaurant is open upon request. The unique atmosphere invites to carefree dwelling in a calming environment.