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Joining forces

Helen is one of Finland’s leading providers of electricity and new energy solutions. Helen provides electricity for close to 400,000 customers and their district heat keeps more than 90% of Helsinki warm. The world’s most eco-friendly cooling solution, district cooling, is already available throughout Helsinki.

Helen provides energy for Allas and is their main partner for cleantech solutions.

Supporter of city life

Helen supports vibrant, positive and sustainable urban culture – everything Allas Sea Pool stands for.

Allas brings together world-class cleantech solutions and positive community energy, something Helsinki is known for. Allas is a perfect manifestation of Helen’s vision of vibrant city life and unique urban energy, which is generated by communities and encounters.

Renewable energy at Allas

Allas Sea Pool operates almost entirely on renewable energy.

The solar power facility at Allas uses close to 100 panels to create electricity for the saunas during the summer. On cloudy days, the saunas use certified hydroelectric power. Additionally, the spa uses district cooling to keep their facilities comfortable and renewable district heating for the pools.

Helen is recognised as the world’s most efficient producer of energy. Integrating the production of electricity, heat and cooling, Helen utilises energy from the cold sea and warm effluent as well as the heat produced by the sun, people and machinery in Helsinki.

Helen is a key partner of Allas Sea Pool.


Clear Channel

Clear Channel


Sustainable leadership in urban culture

Allas was built sustainably, but still very much for today and the future. The latest technologies, sustainable planning and implementation and responsible choices drive solutions at Allas. At the same time, Allas wanted to be a haven for urban culture – something Clear Channel has helped with from the start.

Co-operation with Allas Sea Pool supports Clear Channel’s goal of supporting vibrant and inclusive urban culture. Innovative advertising is part of building modern cityscapes. Finland’s largest network of outdoor digital advertising brings colour to cities, provides ideas for life and opportunities while allowing advertisers to reach their ideal audiences.

Clear Channel is also committed to reducing the ecological footprint of outdoor advertising. Digital advertising is especially ecological, but traditional advertising doesn’t produce much waste either, as all the materials are recycled effectively.

Visit Allas by city bike

Clear Channels investment in 2016 in city bikes also enables all guests of Allas Sea Pool a sustainable form of transportation for their swimming trips. A city bike park is located conveniently by Allas Sea Pool and all guests – locals and tourists – are motivated to use them. it will be a great year for biking in 2020 and onwards, due to 450 bike parks in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa and 4500 bikes alltorgether.

Clear Channel Finland Oy is a nationwide outdoor advertizing company. It is part of global Clear Channel Outdoor - network. Our outdoor advertizing devices are located in city centers, most popular shopping malls and in stores as well as on road sides and at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. We are forerunners of digital outdoor advertizing and we offer a modern and comprehensive outdoor advetizing network to all marketers.

Clear Channel offers the most advanced digital advertizing tools and unlimited possibilities to utilize digitalization and data to reach consumers. It invests continuously in new loactions and latest technologies.

Clear Channel is a main partner of Allas Sea Pool.





Soothing waters

Enjoying healing and cleansing waters in calm, relaxing surroundings was an integral part of spa culture in previous times. This is why we at Allas want our guests to discover the benefits of good water as well. We partnered with Novelle, a range of versatile waters that can do everything from exciting mocktails to convenient bottles.

”Hartwall’s mineral waters are rooted in spa culture. Novelle Plus, our range of modern mineral drinks, is our interpretation of traditional medicinal waters”, says Hartwall's Product Manager. ”Soft, bubbly, clean water packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins. Our mineral waters can complement meals as well as replenish after a workout”, Päiväniemi adds.

Novelle can be found at Allas’ restaurant and café and at events and encounters that call for good water.

Benefits from water for 180 years

In 1836, Victor Hartwall created the first mineral water facility in the Nordic countries to bottle carbonated mineral water in Helsinki, Finland. In 180 years, Hartwall has become a leading expert in the Finnish beverage industry, creating products that Finns love 365 days of the year.

Hartwall and Allas have a shared vision of wellbeing, enjoyment and experiences in an urban setting. Allas Sea Pool makes water – and its appreciation through all the senses – a more prominent aspect of Helsinki.

Water is still at the heart of Hartwall’s operations. Enjoyment, wellbeing and thirst for life are all associated with Finland’s favourite mineral water, Hartwall Novelle. All Novelle waters are based on clean and fresh water from Salpausselkä, where the region’s ancient geology acts as a filter. Novelle Plus beverages are modern, beneficial mineral waters that bring out the joy in every day: true flavours from nature combined with healthy minerals and vitamins.

Novelle is a key partner of Allas.