Single tickets

Swimming ticket (children over 12) €14
Children’s ticket (children 3-11) €7
Children 0-2 for free
Discounts for: students, conscripts, pensioners, the unemployed €9,50
(The card or certificate proving eligibility for a discount must be presented on arrival.)

Serial and season tickets

Serial ticket x10, adults €110
Serial ticket x10, children €52
Serial ticket x10, discount €70

One month ticket 30 days / 55€

Do you want to enjoy and spend more time or train actively at the pool and join our Allas- Community? The One month ticket is now available! The ticket is valid for 30 days after purchase. It means that you can enjoy the Allas for 30 days and have a swim every day if you wish. The One month ticket is personal and you can load as many 30-day periods as you want.

Queries and additional information:
+358 40 565 6582

Good to know

- Swimwear, towels and other commodities are available for rent from Allas Shop
- The swimming tickets are personal. The tickets include use of the pools and sauna for 10 hours
- You don’t need a ticket to access the restaurant and terrace areas
- The serial tickets are valid for one year. The period of validity of both the serial tickets and season card begin when they are first stamped, not from the time they are bought
- Persons eligible for a discount: In order to get a discount the customer must print out / show, the appropriate certificate in force. The unemployed: A valid proof (at the most three months old) of the job searching being in force may be printed out from the TE office’s Oma asiointi net service. Show it at the ticket office. In case you don’t have a printer you can print it out at the TE office


You can pay at Allas with cash or with a bank or credit card (not including Diners). You can also buy swimming tickets with the following recreation coupons:


The tickets are traded for bracelets at the ticket office. The bracelet lets you move about freely at the sauna and pool areas. Additionally, you can connect your credit card to the bracelet and  use it to pay at Allas Cafét and Allas Shop. The single bracelets are returned to the return boxes when exiting the area.


You can pay for swimming tickets with a Smartum motion coupon or a Smartum motion and culture coupon. You get no change back for the coupons. The last day of validity is printed onto the coupon. In case your name is not already printed or written at the back of the coupons, write it before use. The coupons are personal. They cannot be used for family members etc.


You can use Ticket Mind&Body, Ticket Duo and the Virikeseteli. Edenred recreation coupon is a personal benefit and can only be used to pay for sport- and culture services.


E-passi is personal and can only be used to pay for sport-services.