Pools & Saunas

Pools & Saunas

Allas Sea Pool has both fresh- and sea water pools, complete with saunas and other services. We are situated in Helsinki, next to the Kauppatori marketplace (Katajanokanlaituri 2 A). The sea spa is open every day all year round.


There are three swimming pools at Allas Sea Pool. They are situated on the pool level that is floating on top of the sea. The sea water pool, the warm water pool and children’s pool are for swimmers, for exercise, or for just hanging out. During winter time, the large warm water pool and the sea water pool are in use. Children’s pool is not in use during winter time. 

Warm Water Pool

Warm water pool is filled with heated tap water. The temperature of the water is c. 28°C (82° Fahrenheit) all year round. Warm water pool is suitable for both exercise swimmers and the more leisurely swimmers. Warm water pool is also the venue for most of the swimming courses and the aquatic exercise groups.

Measurements: 25 x 15 m
Depth: 165 cm

Sea Water Pool

In the Sea Pool you are able to swim comfortably in the Baltic Sea! The water in the pool is pumped from farther away in the sea, from cleaner currents, and it is filtered and treated using UV technique. You are not swimming directly in the harbour water. The temperature in the Sea Pool is the same as in the sea. In the summer the Sea Pool has warmer water and in the winter you can even experience authentic ice swimming.

Measurements: 25 x 12 m
Depth: 180 cm

Children’s Pool (Not in use during winter time)

The children’s pool has heated tap water, just like the Big Pool. This pool is in the middle of the pool level and the water temperature is c. 27°C (80° Fahrenheit). This pool is primarily for children and the adults swimming with them. During more quiet times also adults can slip in and sit down in the warm water.

Measurements: 17 x 11 m
Depth: 50 cm


There are three saunas at Allas; women’s sauna, men’s sauna and a sauna for private events. The sauna for private events is also used as a mixed-gender sauna when there are no reservations. Also various sauna events are arranged there, such as sauna yoga. If you are interested in booking the sauna for a private event, please contact joni.hinkkanen @ allasseapool.fi.

The saunas are heated electrically and their temperature is c. 80°C (175° Fahrenheit).

Good to know

*Swimming suits in the pools are mandatory, unless unless otherwise stated. If you wish, you can rent a swimsuit or towel. The Allas Shop also have swimsuits and equipment for sale.

*In the dressing rooms you will find lockers for storing your belongings during your visit. The dressing rooms also have WCs and hairdryers.

* Water jogging is allowed, please bring your own water jogging belt or rent one from the Allas Shop.