Helsinki on a Plate


New restaurant and Café situated at the most beautiful spot in the city gather everything that is good in Helsinki under one roof! The Neighbour Bistro, the modern Allas Cafe, the refreshing bars and sunny terraces all offer possibilities to feed both the body and mind.

The Allas Cafe, Neighbour Bistro and roof terrace serve the customers of Allas, but also others. The doors are open for everyone and you don’t need to buy a swimming ticket to enjoy the service.

The restaurant services at Allas are provided by Soupster Family.


Neighbour Bistro


Neighbour Bistro’s kitchen utilises the season’s best ingredients, which are acquired from as close as possible. The menu includes Helsinki classics from during the last century, made fresh with a modern touch. Everything is close to our dear Baltic Sea and the restaurant follows the principles of sustainable development. 

Also the best parts of the Helsinki drink culture are served, ranging from the products of small breweries to the treats of the local distilleries.
The DJ takes care of the atmosphere and the roof terrace provides scenery without comparison.