"Innovative, unique and fantastic new stage in the heart of Helsinki! Such an easily accessible hang-out right at the seafront, this place is a new pearl for the Helsinki necklace of event venues. Excited to see what the event offering will hold."

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Allas Sea Pool is open all year round!

Allas Sea Pool is a gardenlike oasis in the heart of Helsinki with a large pool area and magnificent saunas. In addition to swimming, bathing in the saunas and good food, Allas Sea Pool offers many options for wellness. Allas is full of events and things to do - good modern life right at the shore of the Baltic Sea!

 Men's sauna is under renovation on 12th of December
On Tuesday 12th of December the men’s sauna is under renovation from 7am to 5pm. During that time the mixed sauna is available for men visitors, exluding from 11.30am to 2.30pm when it is booked for private use.