Sauna Experiences

Sauna Experiences

Experience the Finnish sauna culture, explore the magic of Finnish wild herbs, learn how to throw ''löyly'' or practise yoga on the sauna bench! Our Sauna Experiences include swimming bracelets, private sauna and lounge for the group for two hours, rental towel & swimwear, about 40 minutes of guided activities and theme-based, traditional Finnish treats.

See dates and reserve a spot for the Sauna Experiences through the online shop.

Sauna Experiences are also available for private groups. The minimun charge for the group is 840€ and the max. group size is 12 persons.

Group reservations and inquiries:
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The Finnish Wild Herb Sauna Experience

Experience the Finnish sauna and explore the magic of Finnish wild herbs. During a short introduction into the world of wild herbs, you will learn about health benefits and beauty treatment uses of various local herbs while enjoying a refreshing herb drink. After the introduction you may prepare yourself a herbal facial mask and a footbath to take with you to the sauna for 15 minutes. Deepen your relaxation in the sauna and dip yourself into the warm +27 °C fresh water pool or chillier seawater pool.

Wild herb Sauna Menu: Stinging nettle crepes, caramel cranberries and cucumber water.
Sauna Temperature: 70°C / 158°F
Duration: 2 hours (the introduction together with the 15-minute beauty bath takes approximately 45 minutes after which you can enjoy the sauna, pools and menu independently).
Price: 100€ / person. The price includes a rental towel & swimwear.

The Winter Sauna Experience

According to the old Finnish saying “the one with the löyly scoop is the one with power (''Kellä kauha, sillä valta''). Experience the traditional Finnish sauna and learn how to throw ''löyly''. After some time in the sauna you will have the opportunity to dip yourself into the seawater pool. According to recent sauna bathing studies, there are significant health benefits to this “leap of faith”. Alternating between warm sauna and dips into the cold water will make you remember this unique hot and cold experience for good – and feel more alive than ever before.

Winter Sauna Menu: Gravlax and cream cheese with herbs on a rye bread, warm berry juice and a traditional Finnish cinnamon bun.
Sauna Temperature:  80°C / 176°F
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 100€ / person. The price includes a rental towel & swimwear.

The Sauna Yoga Experience

The poses of Sauna Yoga are based on various yoga styles and practised seated on the sauna bench. Some of the poses help to relieve tensions in the neck and shoulder region and remove excessive strain on the spine and surrounding musculature, while others work to strengthen the trunk and leg muscles. The gentle heat of the sauna effectively melts away the strains and the beneficial effects can be felt immediately after a single session.

Well-being Sauna Menu: Rainbow trout mousse on rye chips, a Karelian pie with mushroom salad and a blueberry shot.
Sauna Temperature: 50°C / 120°F
Duration: 2 hours (The Sauna Yoga session takes approximately 40 minutes after which you can enjoy the sauna, pools and menu independently)
Price: 100€ / person. The price includes a rental towel & swimwear.